February 19, 2017

#NipClub Mardi Gras Krewes Kruise February 23rd, 2017

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Since #NipClub is the premiere twitter pawty event, you know we'd be crazy to miss Mardi Gras, America's Premiere Pawty. 

This year we will once again, invade New Orleans to show them how to really pawty. #NipClub will have 3 KREWES to pawty with, join one, or two, or all three, just be sure to be there.

If you need a special outfit please hurry and ask @RealFakeGator so he can get his crew at #NipClubOutfitters working on it for you!!! 

And now, meet our 3 Krewe Kings:

King @Kittehboi will have host the most "Naughty" Krewe. You never know
what to expect from Breeze, but you will NEVER be bored!! 

King @OwenTheTonk will host the traditional New Orleans Krewe.
They pawty as hard as anybody, but stick to traditions and accuracy. 

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King @RealFakeGator will host the newest Krewe. Sure, he's from Wisconsin, but you know
that NOBODY can out-pawty the midwest. Land of Beer, Cheese, and excessive pawtying.

Contact the "King" of your choice to be added to the roster, and don't be afraid to pawty with more than one Krewe. #NipClub plans to really show New Orleans how to pawty. 

@TheNascarKitty pilots our Mobile-Mardi Gras-Pawty Bar Float through the parade. Jump about the #NipClub Krewes Kruiser and have some fun. Do you recognize some of the #NipClub originals riding with us? 

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Grab a KING CAKE, and if you find the Baby-Gator in your piece you will have
extra blessings all year long!!! (Don't eat Gator). 

February 14, 2017

#NipClub Head to New Orleans for VALENTINES and Mardi Gras Feb. 16, 2017

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We're headed to New Orleans for Mardi Gras in a week anyway, so we've decided to have a late Valentine's Pawty there this week , and just stay over until our Mardi Gras pawty on Feb. 23rd. So bring your special loved this Thursday and pawty hard. Or come stag and meet a new special anipal. 

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#NipClub's Mardi Gras king, @RealFakeGator invites
you to come to New Orleans!! And stay a while!!

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Find the Gator in the King Cake for Good Luck! 
February 23rds  pawty is a MARDI GRAS pawty, so since Valentine's Day is also here, we figured nobody would mind heading toNew Orlean's a few days early to celebrate Valentines. So bring your special partner, or just come stag and enjoy the friendship of #NipClub pals. 

We'd love to see you wearing your MARDI GRA costume, or in that special pose with your loved one.Or, of course, your own natural fur, feathers or skin.  Remember, if you need a special Mardi Gras avatar you need to contact @RealFakeGator and his staff at #NipClubOutfitters quickly. 

Many Great activities abound in New Orleans to keep you busy!! 
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Enjoy this video where Buckwheat Zydeco shows 
you the true meaning of CAJUN LOVE!! 

Cajun favorite Buckwheat Zydeco gets some help from Dwight Yoakem
and David Hidalgo (of Los Lobos) in serenading his beautiful lady.

You wont run out of things to do with your sweetie in New Orleans!!
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Cajun Menu:
101 Layer Lasagna
Beignets and Chicory Coffee
Crawdad Boil
Seafood Etouffee 
Creole Chicken
Popeye's Spicy Chicken
Jalapeno-Nip Cornbread
Shrimp Po'Boy
Red Beans and Rice
Blackened Brisket of Beef with Parmesan Garlic Fries
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February 8, 2017

Scottish Pub NIght

#NipClub pals, it's been a great month in Scotland. We've never done an extended stay in one area before, and it's been a while since we've done a weekend party. 

I need to thank my Co-Managers @RealFakeGator and @TinyPearlCat who both worked their paws to the bone to make sure this event happened. I was not able to provide as much help and support as usual and they filled the void. 

I'd also like to thank Head Barktender GeorgeTheDucK, Head DJ @Lucky_GSD and Sekurity Boss @BrutusTheDane for organizing schedules and overseeing their teams. 

Of course let's not forget @DanaPixie and @MizzBassie for arranging terrific prizes and quizzes, and everything else who helped plan, promote, and ran events at the pawty. 

This week we'll be finishing off the large supply of food and drink we brought in and saying goodbye to Scotland the RIGHT way. With a night in the pub. Like any good Scotsman. 

On a final thought, we will hold these extended stay pawties 3 to 4 times a year (with much more opening time). And, until the return of #NC24H, each will include an extended weekend pawty.

SO....if you'd like to suggest a geographic location for the next extended pawty, DM me some ideas, include pictures and historical info if you wish. (If I don't follow you yet, let me know. I'll follow you right away  so you can DM me. 

Thanks for everything! 

@TheNascarKitty #NipClub Co-Founder and Manager.

                     It's Pub night at #Nipclub!

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After 3 fantastic pawties in Scotland, we thought it would be nice to spend our last night sharing stories of our adventures and all the wonderful things we've seen and learned.   And of course we'll lift a pint in a toast to friends old and new, and toast the country that has hosted us for the last 2 weeks.

The simplest definition of "pub" and what most of us think, is simply a place where alcohol is served and consumed, essentially the equivalent to a bar in the US.  Anyone who has been to both knows that they are not the same.   Much older than it's American cousin (pubs have been around since the bronze age), pubs serve not only alcohol, but hearty meals.  The atmosphere is welcoming, calm and relaxed.  Clientele is both young and old, so the pups and kittens are welcome too.

What better place to be tonight than at #Nipclub's new pub, the Drunken Bahoochie.  For those of you who played the "Say What" games with @lampwireslayer @squirtthecat  @tweetingtruman and @savehood cat, you know what "bahoochie" means.  It's become @realfakegator's favorite new word, so if you don't know, just ask him.

We learned about Burns Night and all the tradition that goes with it.  We've once again tried our paws & wings at Highland Games.  We've learned the difference between a Reel and a Fling by watching @patsydog1 and @lampwireslayer dance on the bar.  We've learned lots of new Scottish words and phrases.  We've searched for and found Nessie and found her to be very accommodating to our requests for selfies.  We've sampled the finest in ales and Scotch whiskey.  We've filled ourselves with a sampling of all types of local foods.  The bravest of us sampled haggis and lived to tell the tale...and some of us discovered it was good!

What is your favorite Scotland memory and/or adventure?  
Come this Thursday and lets' swap stories!


Kilt Lifter Ale

Wee Heavy Scotch Ale

 Belhaven Ale

 Black Isle Ale

Caledonian 80/- Pub Draught Ale

 Tennents Lager

Tartan Special Ale


Glenfiddich Scotch

shepards pie

 steak & ale pie

Macaroni pie

whiskey prawns

cock-a-leekie soup

sticky toffee pudding


 photo scotland goat_zpstrlkyzlf.gif

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