May 29, 2016

#NipClub Salutes our Heroes and Saviors June 2nd, 2016

#NipClub Pays Tribute to our Heroes On Memorial Day

THURSDAY, June 2nd, 2016

Last Monday was Memorial Day - a day when America pays tribute to the members of the armed forces who put their lives on the line to safeguard the freedoms that Americans hold dear. Many of these great heroes are not Americans, but come from our many Allies around the world. 

American and Allied  service personnel are currently deployed in a number of countries around the world, and on the high seas. Their duties range from safeguarding emerging democracies to working to rid the world's oceans of the scourge of modern-day pirates. In some areas they're helping to keep warring factions apart - in others, offering assistance to those made homeless by wars or natural disasters. We remember, too, that those freedoms that we love and often take for granted were first won and then protected by the valor of those who had to take up arms for their sake.

Not everyone agrees with every deployment service personnel are asked to undertake, and celebrating Memorial Day at #NipClub doesn't imply support for, or opposition to, any political decision. It's about showing appreciation and support for the service personnel who place themselves in danger to give safety to others, and who live with conflict in the hope of bringing peace.

As anipals, we're very conscious of the families, and especially their non-human members, that they leave behind. We think, too, of those animals in far-off places who befriend them - some of whom we've watched on YouTube or the TV news as they're brought across the world to be reunited with a serviceman or woman and given a new fur-ever home.

So, this Thursday, #NipClub is celebrating Memorial Day. As always, we'll have pawesome noms and drinks, and great music. There'll be lots of fun and laughter, and we'll honor the men and women of the armed forces, and the animals who share their lives. Come celebrate with us!

While our hearts fill with pride, and our eyes fill with tears for those heroes who have made that ultimate sacrifice for all of us, we'd also like to make sure everyone remembers the local heroes who make our world a better place.

We'd like to honor all the firemen and policemen and emergency assistance personnel who risk their lives to keep us safe or help us in times of need.

In the past few years there has been a huge improvement in making sure animals get rescued and cared for during emergencies and disasters. And these heroes risk their lives day after day to keep everyone safe. 

Thanks to everyone who helps keep our animals (and those humans of ours) safe!!

So let's grill up some noms, and crack open a cold one, light up a fine nip cigar and salute all of those who help anipals!!! If you'd like to dress up your Avatar consider coming as your own hero!! Whether it's a soldier, fireman, policeman, an animal rescue worker, maybe your hero is your human who saved you from a bad situation, maybe it's your Grandpa who risked or sacrificed his life to give us the freedoms we have today. Maybe it's a friend who was their for you in your darkest hour. Whoever your hero is, let us know. 

If you dont have the ability to dress up as your favorite hero, please contact @RealFakeGator of #NipClub Outfitters. He, and his staff will make you the avi that you desire. 

Of course your own natural fur is ALWAYS in fashion at #NipClub!!

May 22, 2016

#NipClub's Gala 6th Anniversary Ball May 26th, 2016

 Please drop any $ you can into the Tip Jar to help pets at Udruga Devet Zivota ( NGO 9 Lives) of Osijek, Croatia. Every penny helps! Thanks!

Just in time for our gala 6th Anniversary Pawty, we are proud to announce the opening of our newest #NipClub location. Located on a hill just outside the town of Wellington, New Zealand. New Zealand is one of the most versatile, beautiful areas of the world. We're sure to enjoy this great location. 
New Zealand photo 3dflags_nzl0001-0003a1.gif
Click HERE for some special blog from @DashKitten and @Whskr from New Zealand

Need Decor for your avitar tonight? HERE is a Twibbon with a #Nipclub Banner

A word from @TheNascarKitty #NipClub Manager
Pals, it's no secret we're proud of this club. Six years! It seems like just yesterday that @FlaCatLady & @KingTuttiFruiti first swung the doors open. Over the years we've entertained thousands of anipals and donated tens of thousands of dollars to animal charities.  And none of it could be done without our fabulous staff, past and present, and our terrific patrons. This celebration is for you. And we're still growing, seeking new ways to entertain and help animals. Six years from now at our 12th anniversary we'll look back with awe at how far we've come. And I hope each and every one of you is there to share it with us!! Of course, I couldn't begin to do this job without my 2 co-managers, the brilliant @RealFakeGator and the fabulous @TinyPearlCat and all our fine Barktenders, DJs, PR People, Security, Quizmasters, IT Staff, and everybody who helps in any way.

I love you all and Cherish your friendship. Tiger Tommy

Our Anniversary pawty falls just before Memorial Day, an annual celebration of all those who have suffered, sacrificed and risked their lives to make our country what it is today. 

We'd like to honor all those pals who've crossed to Rainbow Bridge. So many have. I went there 6 years ago shortly after my dear love @DCKitty. Many of us still pawty from there, some don't, but we hope to see as many of them as possible at our pawty. It's a huge list, and we'll contact as many as we can, but we're sure to miss some. Please help us and contact your pals who are OTRB and tell them we want to see them this week AND EVERY WEEK! @TheNascarKitty

 RAINBOW BRIDGE 1 photo arb-bridge.gif
Here is an OTRB avatar decoraton HERE


I went OTRB about a year before my brofur @TheNascarKitty. It's a wonderful place although we certainly DON'T want anipals to come here. There are a lot of anipals here who look out for the other anipals, make sure they're comfortable and happy while they wait to reunite with there humans. @PepiSmartDog, @HollieCatRocks, @SamTheCatRocks, @theRustCat, @RudyCKat, @DCKitty and @TheNascarKitty, @SanjeeTheCat, @MulderCat, and many, many more close friends. Your friend will want for nothing while the wait for you, and they don't want you to hurry, they'd rather wait. Don't worry about them. This is paradise. And we are all alive in your hearts and dreams, and when you're ready, we can always join you at #NipClub pawties. We hope that many, many of these pals can join us at #NipClub's 6th Anniversary, and EVERY WEEK. 

kiwi photo kiwi_sitting_on_egg_hg_clr.gif
Drinks and Noms

Gran Patron Shots

Patron Lemon Drops

Fine Wine

Champagne fountain

Nipclub Paradise Island

Premium Brew

OTRB Shots

Entrees and Appitizers

Salmon Sashimi


Caprese Salad


Wasabi Pasta

Poached Prawns

Thai BBQ ribs

Sirloin Steak


Chilean Sea Bass

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus and Roasted Coal fish

Hennessy Cake

Raspberry Macaroons

Textures of Strawberries and Chocolate

Peanut Mousse and Ginger Ice Cream

Nipclub Infused Nirvana Cake

To see photos of our #Nipclub pals from the begining to now Click HERE
Se many of the charities we have all worked hard to help out HERE
Thank you all so much!

Anniversary photo HappyAnniversaryJanelleC2A9122805.gif

Please drop any $ you can into the Tip Jar to help the pets at Udruga Devet Zivota ( NGO 9 Lives)  of Osijek, Croatia
Every penny helps! Thanks!
For Direct Donation Link for SmartPhones CLICK HERE
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May 15, 2016

#NipClub Downs Horse Pawty May 19, 2016

Please drop any $ you can into the Tip Jar to help pets at Udruga Devet Zivota ( NGO 9 Lives) of Osijek, Croatia. Every penny helps! Thanks!

Horse racing championship season is here, so it's time to move our pawty to #NipClub's own race horse rehab  and retirement facilty. It's time to come ride, race, bet on and pamper our ponies. If you're fast on your feet, maybe you can even race against them yourself. But first an important announcement:

Important Announcement:

On MAY 26th, 2016 we'll be celebrating #NipClub's 6th Anniversary with a HUGE Formal Ball. I'm still working out the location, but it'll be glamourous and it'll also be a GRAND OPENING of another location. I'm also wish to have as many of our #RainbowBridge pals as possible visit us. Some of them we see often, some we don't, but we'll NEVER forget what they've done for us. And they're alive in our hearts to this day. This will be the pawty of the year, so start thinking of your formal outfit now (and don't worry, if you don't want to dress up, nothing is more formal than your own natural fur, fins or feathers. This pawty will be huge, so make sure to get ahold of @RealFakeGator and #NipClubOutfitters soon. 

#NipClub Downs, our  horse care facility and track. We adopt retired race horses, rehab them, and give them
a chance to get a little more of the limelight and do what they love to do...RUN! 

@RealFakeGator, @MarioDaCat, @TheNascarKitty & @Pixel_Doggy give horse racing a try in preparation
for the big #NipClub Derby. Come jump on a horse and see how you do on our super fast track!
They just ran the world famous Kentucky Derby and while the horse racing craze is hot, we thought we'd take time to show off our unique race track. And give our #NipClub patrons a chance to play the ponies. Perhaps you want to be a jockey and ride these magnificent beasts, or maybe you even want to race against these horses...I know a lot of fast cats and dogs!! Perhaps you want to be a horse trainer, or a race track gambler, or a pretty racetrack matron, dresses in the finest clothing available, enjoying a mint-Nip Julip on the terrace. Either way, #NipClub Outfitters can help!! If you need that special outfit, just ask @RealFakeGator and his talented crew to help! 

Maybe this will be the year we get another Triple Crown Winner....but we're more interested in the #NipClub Derby, because our race will earn money for well deserving animal charities!! So make sure to come on down, watch some races, ride some horses, place a bet or two, and enjoy our usual great noms and drinks. Perhaps we can get added to the docket of the "Quadruple Crown" next year!! 
 photo FAST_zps141ccf0d.gif

Beyond the walls of #NipClub Downs
is an evening of fun and excitement
Meet @CheshireK
He's #Nipclub Downs most successful trainer
Want to get your horse ready to race fast?  Ask the expert!

Pals  @WildTngFoxyLady have it all,
brains, beauty and fast horses.

 @MiaandManu may have different fashion styles,
but they know how to win in style.
 Meet @germanshortair Gretchen, Banjo and Daisy
They co-own the fastest horse #Nipclub Downs has ever seen
They're ready to bet you that it will stay that way too.

Meet @skye613 and her groom @Katiepops_L
Skye is the winningest jockey at #Nipclub Downs
Do you have what it takes to beat her, or will you be left at the starting gate?

Meet @doggymolly
She's the new jockey at #NipClub Downs
Whether it's @germanshorthair, @skye613 or you, she's ready for a throwdown!

Meet @3phibotticelli
She never met a hat she didn't like
Grab a mint julep from the barktenders and join her in the clubhouse
It's the best spot to people watch...the horses aren't the only ones trying to outdo each other

                              @cherylpoestone benny is                    @JeffMusk hopes that the
                            holding a winning ticket.  He              tortoise & the horse story has the                       
                                just doesn't know it yet.               same ending as the tortoise & the hare    

 @Pup_chloe poses for a photo-op between races
Betting on the #nipclub trifecta 
@Germanshorthair, @skye613 and @doggymolly
could get you into Millionaires Row by the end of the night
(please use your winnings to buy better clothes)

 photo horse_races_zps4a0f9567.gif
Club Menu:
Mint-Nip Julip's as well as our full service bar
Southern Barbeque Platter

Cobb Salad

Filet Mignon with King Crab Legs

Fresh Nip-Caprese Salad

Bacon Wrapped Grilled Asaragus

Strawberry Schaum Torte

Prime Rib of Beef

Chicken Florentine Crepes with Hollendaise Sauce

Scotch Eggs

Baked French Onion Soup
Cedar Plank Cooked Salmon with Complimentary Rose Blush Wine
 photo 21l2vy0-1_zpsbcec44c6.gif

Please drop any $ you can into the Tip Jar to help the pets at Udruga Devet Zivota ( NGO 9 Lives)  of Osijek, Croatia
Every penny helps! Thanks!
For Direct Donation Link for SmartPhones CLICK HERE
NGO 9 Lives on FaceBook  HERE
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Learn more about NGO 9 Lives HERE

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